The Gearing Up tool just got better.

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Over the past year, as well as gaining European recognition for the tool and its potential to eliminate discards, the Gearing Up team have been travelling to meetings, forums and workshops across Europe to disseminate the tool and collect direct feedback from stakeholders. This detailed assessment has helped to further shape the tool into a resource fishermen can use to help eliminate discards from their fishery.

Developments include:

  • New trials: Building in trial data from other international projects, like the DiscardLess consortium, the Gearing Up tool is now home to over 200 new selective gear trials.
  • An open door for new data: Behind-the-scenes technical innovation means Gearing Up can now quickly and easily accept data from new trials and institutions.
  • New graphics: See where gear modifications sit in the net at-a-glance with new graphic segments.
  • Improved display: More information pooled into each panel, so users can see the impacts on one gear modification on multiple species.

Please explore the tool, add your trials or get in touch if you need support with setting up an account and adding data. We’re here to help. Contact:

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