The success of this tool relies on the information we receive directly from fishermen working in Northern Europe. We’re interested to hear if you are making big changes to your business in preparation for the Landing Obligation, or are you still searching for solutions to reduce discards before full implementation in 2019? Perhaps you have already been involved in successful gear trials and want to share your information with other fishermen? We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch to arrange a chat with our friendly team.

We are also keen to speak to net makers, gear technologists and Producer Organisations to get a better idea about how this resource could be used to help your business.

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The Gearing Up team has hosted workshops with fishermen, gear technologists, net makers, Producer Organisations and policymakers and presented our work to a multi-stakeholder group at the North Sea Advisory Council. We are also sharing our project through the North Western Waters Advisory Council’s channels. By using professional facilitation and process design, we collected valuable information about how each user will engage with the tool and what information they deem to be of highest importance. Feedback has been collated and fed into the functionality of the tool.


Our online survey has shown that fishermen trust the advice of other fishermen when it comes to reviewing the performance of fishing gear trials. Therefore, we have developed an online forum where fishermen can interact with each other and swap gear modification ideas, comments, advice and guidance. Got a view? Join the discussion.

To keep the tool up-to-date with the latest trial information we are also working on ways fishermen can contribute their data directly to the tool.

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